Sunken Garden Muntinlupa

I was researching for areas that I can take pictures for free. I read about Sunken Garden in Muntinlupa. I’ve seen interesting pictures from various photographers, and I wanted to check it out myself since it’s near my area. It’s surprising that it’s so near but it’s the first time I’ve heard of the place. As I researched the area, it’s pretty close to the New Bilibid Prison, which is a maximum security prison currently holding almost 36,300 inmates. It’s shocking since it has a maximum capacity of 17,719. Of course, I worried a bit, but I’ve read that the park is pretty safe and is protected and maintained by the local government.

So, it took me around 20 minutes from my home to get to the open park, and I got to park pretty easily. Well, it’s a nice area to road around in. Mostly the area is pretty clear of trees, but there are areas that do have them. But I can imagine people flying kites in the area since it’s pretty open. I also saw an artillery gun, I’m not so sure how old it is, but it is cool to see one. A little sad that it’s full of graffiti, but it’s interesting none the less.

There is also an area for playing sports, and a small skateboarding area. There is also a stage to do events in. There are people around the area, and there are a few that even put up tents to relax in.

When I got there, there was no visible sun, so it was hard to get enough contrast. It would have been interesting if I could have waited up until sunset and try to get pictures there. Although my visit there was very comfortable and windy. It’s not the best situation for taking pictures since it’s difficult to change lenses when I use the Pentax K100D, but it has enough light so that my Fujifilm HS25EXR didn’t have a hard time zooming even at maximum.

I hope you enjoy my new set of pictures.

2 thoughts on “Sunken Garden Muntinlupa

  1. Hi was interested in having my engagement shoot done here. Just a few questions, wpuld you know if there is a fee? And is there parking? And is not scary? Hope you can answer thanks 🙂

    • Hello. When I took pictures of the location, I was informed that the location is free for prenuptial pictures. It is not scary, even though it is located beside the New Bilibid Prison. It is an open public park. I still do suggest that you visit the area with the photographer before actually doing a shoot there. But I know there are some photographers that has done wonders shooting in the area.

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