Transformers at SM Southmall – August 7, 2014

Me and my wife needed to go to SM Southmall in Las Pinas yesterday, we had to do some errands there for a while. While goggling on a Chevrolet Sonic car which I also took pictures of, I suddenly saw this collection of Transformers toys. It was a better setup than the one I saw in Bicutan where everything was just out in the open, no glass enclosures which is great for taking pictures because there are no reflections. It is a smaller collection, but they do look amazing even without the diorama.

Seems like the collection is more focused on Optimus Prime, it has a lot of varied version of him. What is also impressive that it has an original 80’s version of the toy, not like the on in Bictuan where all of the versions were pretty new. The large transformers had an interesting set too, since most of them I didn’t recognize except for Metroplex. The others were very detailed, I didn’t even think that they were in Transformers but they look amazing nonetheless. I also liked seeing the 80’s Devastator, since that’s also another Transformer that I didn’t see in Bicutan.

I first used the K100D Super for my initial shots. Tried getting the shots as much as I can before switching to the HS25EXR for close ups.

I’m not sure up until when the exhibit is, if you have time, you can try to visit it while it’s there.

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