My wife Joy Lyn took this picture of me with a Nikon D5100 which we were able to borrow from a friend for a couple of days.

My wife Joy Lyn took this picture of me with a Nikon D5100 which we were able to borrow from a friend for a couple of days.

I actually wanted to get into photography for a long time now, but before, I had SLR’s (Single Lens Reflex Camera) which was film based. I even went through college (Fine Arts, it included photography as a main subject) and got into some photography seminars, but using actual film was not something I can afford at the time. The camera I had was a Minolta X-370s which even had a removable lens. But developing the film took a toll on me personally. It wasn’t cheap to buy film on a regular basis, nor is it to develop it. When me and my friends were out, I experimented on photography so much that they didn’t have the patience to wait for me because I took pictures for long periods of time. And the output of film can be so unpredictable that some full rolls of film were wasted to blurry experimental pictures. So I only took photography as a hobby only when digital cameras got out, since digital gave me the opportunity to experiment without wasting any film.


Why I started this site?
I’ve done several blogs in my life already focusing on video games most of the time, and pretty much anything under the sun. But this time around, I wanted to make a blog site specifically for pictures that I have taken. A collection of images of what I can do with the camera that I have. I don’t have a high end gear, but I do make the best of what I have. I ha

What am I doing with photography?
Mostly just a hobby since I do have work as a cake designer (Captain’s Mix and Magic), photographer (Captain’s Sweet Galley of Treats), and an independent consultant (Busy Bee Computers). But I do get some side projects for photography. There are limits to what my cameras can do, but once you know how to use them, they can do pretty amazing images. I just try to make the best with what I have and be as creative as much as possible.

More about me here.

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