Here is a list of digital cameras that I have owned through the years. Although I was able to borrow a few other cameras that I have used to take pictures.

(note: some of the pictures below of the cameras below are not mine)

Fujifilm HS25EXR
Estimated Price: PhP13,000
Released: 2012
In Service: September 2012-Present


Pentax K100-D Super
Estimated Price: PhP42,400
Released: 2006
In Service: January 2014-Present


Olympus C-60Z
Estimated Price: PhP24,750
Released: 2004
In Service: July 2011-Present


Canon Powershot A570
Estimated Price: PhP8,000
Released: 2007
In Service: Retired/Missing


Kodak CX7530
Estimated Price: PhP19,250
Released: 2004
In Service: Retired


Fujifilm FinePixA101
Estimated Price: PhP9,000
Released: 2001
In Service: Restired/Missing


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