I’ve been fascinated with tab tabletop games (or commonly known as board games) for the past few years. This one is called Santorini. Obviously the looks is based on Santorini, Greece; but the game itself feels like a mix between chess and tic-tac-toe. It’s an interesting game and it doesn’t take ages to play, unless your brain takes a long time to strategize while playing. The basic game is easy to learn, and personally, it’s easier to understand than just chess.

The cards add variety to the game. Card don’t do anything, but gives instructions on your special ability that you can do alone. No other player can do the same thing as you can do. This gives the game more flexibility since you have to think differently each time you have an opponent that has a special ability and you yourself have to take advantage of your special ability too.

This was taken with a Pentax K100D Super, 50m 1.8f manual. Edited using ON1 Photo RAW.