These pictures are from a school concert. Which is quite impressive if you look at the line up.

  • 6CycleMind
  • Moonstar88
  • Imago
  • Chicosci
  • DJ Katsy
  • DJ Marc Naval
  • MC Paolo Avila
  • Joyce Pring

I quite enjoyed being there, although I do feel old that I can’t stay in a concert too long. I get way too tired, and music concerts are not my thing. Even though I do enjoy listening to music.

I tried using the Pentax K100-D on this, but there were so many people that it was hard to get any proper shots. I had to use the Fujifilm HS25EXR to get shots that were closer to the stage without actually going near it. It’s a little disappointing to see some of the quality didn’t turn out well, but there are actually shots that look great, even though the resolution is low. It fascinates me how flexible the HS25EXR can be.