2 Months Without a DSLR

Pentax K-100D Super

Pentax K-100D Super

2 months of being away from a DSLR.Yup, that happened. There was no choice. I had to get it fixed.

A few months ago my DSLR was shutting off when I press the +/- button. It was manageable for a time. But there was a point that it shuts down when I hold the camera on a certain angle. I was still able to use the camera, even with those faults. Then, there came a point that it shuts down each time I press almost anything. Of course, I couldn’t use it anymore. Even merely pressing the shutter button can cause the camera to shut off.

I had to get my DSLR repaired. I know the best place to get it repaired is at Pentax itself. I don’t know who to trust getting it repaired. I know there are a lot of places where I can get a camera repaired but my issue with this is that, Pentax is not really a popular camera in our country, most camera repair shops here cater to Nikon and Canon cameras. So, I thought that I would just get it repaired through it’s official shop. The problem is, the shop is in near up north of Metro Manila which is where I rarely go to since I work most of the time at the south of Metro Manila. So, the only time I can go there, if when I do have a job near the area.

A good thing that there was a meeting that we had to attend near the area. I thought it would be the best time to get it started. So, I went to the official Pentax store and told them my problem. They told me that the unit I had is a really old model that they can’t bring it to Pentax Cebu (their main office). But they can try to repair it locally, but if there were any major problems, that I have to think of trading it instead of trying to get it repaired.

I knew the risks, I knew that my DSLR was old, but it does have good quality pictures and getting a new camera is out of the question since it’s too expensive. It is interesting though that they do offer a discount if I do trade in my old camera. Well, it’s something that I may consider, but for now, I’ll see if I can get my K-100D Super fixed.

They told me that it might cost me PhP2,800 if the only issue is the buttons and some wiring since it’s basically a repair service fee, or PhP400 for a check up fee, if they can’t get it repaired.

So, I had no choice but to leave it. They told me to call after 2 weeks. It was hard to leave it since I’ve been carrying it around for more than a year already. It felt like it was a part of me. I always took pictures almost every day with it, even though I don’t post everything, since mostly it’s a lot of work, not really the stuff I don’t post on a regular basis. But in any case, it needs to get repaired or else I won’t be able to do those shots any more.

While waiting for the repairs, of course, I kept using my Fujifilm HS25EXR. But it was rather disappointing and the same time, challenging. My wife, who is not really into photography, even missed the Pentax K-100D Super, because we really couldn’t replicate the image quality regardless of how much we take pictures. We missed the ability to do proper bokeh, or even edit post-processing. Me and my wife even talked about that new LG phone that has a 1.8f lens at some point. Man, I really miss the camera.

After 2 weeks, I called, and I got the message that it can be repaired. Which was good news. Now, the problem is when I can go back there. After a month and a half passed, and we got a job in Wack-Wack, Quezon City, which is just a few minutes away from Robinson’s Galleria. I couldn’t wait to get it. As soon as I got there, it took a while to figure out from all the paper work where my camera was. And after a few minutes, it was there. All ready and ready to be used. I couldn’t wait to test it out and check how it turned out.

It works, and it feels good. All the problems are gone. I even asked if they found any other problems, and said that there are none. So, those are good news indeed.

After this incident though, I really do need to save up and get another DSLR for backup purposes. Even though I do have the HS25EXR, it is great for certain things, but the image quality is really far from each other compared to the K-100D Super.

I look forward to taking more pictures with the Pentax K-100D Super.

Below are my early test shots, I really had no composition or planning here. Just random shots that I took while working or doing errands.