The HS25EXR is close to getting retired.

My Fujifilm is having trouble starting up. It’s not easy to get it started now. I turn on the the power switch and it takes a lot of tries before it even turns on. And even if I get it running, it sometimes shuts down unexpectedly.

I haven’t posted much, this is because I haven’t been out lately. I love bringing my camera on a regular basis, but since I do more errands than actually taking time to take in the scenery, I rarely get the chance to actually stop and enjoy the moment.

I’ll post something soon about that, but for now, I’m still making the best out of the HS25EXR. I’m still impressed with it’s zoom capability, but since it’s the first camera that I’ve used that I really had the time focusing on, it’s the first camera I discovered all the limitations that Zoom camera can do and it has been problematic with only taking JPGS and no RAW fuctionality. I learned so much using this camera.

I might look for the posssibility of getting it fixed. I am nowhere near a Fujifilm repair shop. There is a camera repairshop though, but I’ll see if I can get some free time for it.

I’ll be posting some pictures again, but note that most of the pictures would be cakes and board games.

Here are some of my favorites using the HS25EXR.

Here is my review of my Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR.

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