The Setting Sun

It’s not common for me to be able to take shots when the sun sets. Actually, it’s more common to me that I’m driving at the time delivering or going to a meeting. It’s also rare for me to find a good spot to get a shot like this because I do live in the city, not on a building but in a subdivision, so having a nice view of the sky is not something I see on a regular basis.

While me and my wife were in Silang to prepare for another delivery, we had some little downtime. The sun was about to set and I had the time to take some pictures before we left.

I set my camera using the 35-72mm lens, since it’s my widest angle for the Pentax K100D Super. I didn’t bring the Fujifilm HS25EXR because my focus on this shot was about getting the detail.

I walked around the area and found a construction area, where it’s not blocked off, the place was actually pretty flat and clear. Nothing is interesting to place in the foreground, but I do see the sky with the clouds coming in. Sun was about to set. I think I waited around 30 minutes, possibly more. During that time, I practiced shooting for the moment. I even tried doing time lapse, but I had to take those shots manually. I’m not sure if my camera has that kind of function. I also did a panoramic shot that I had to edit through software to get it right. Even though my HS25EXR can do a panoramic shot, I don’t like it’s output since it reduces the overall size of the image.

Once I reviewed the shots, I did have to clean it up a bit. My camera doesn’t have the cleanest sensor, and it shows when I use the smallest aperture setting.

I do like how the images turned out. Overall, I think this is one of the best sunset’s I’ve done, in a technical standpoint since I had time to prepare. Compared to the shots I did a the highway, I know that one had better composition overall and the rays of the sun stands out, but when I was taking the shot, I was in a rush. I had very little time to actually compose and plan the shot. Because if that, I know I can do better. Practice makes perfect.


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