Volkswagen Beetle

During a wedding while my wife was the host of the event, I got attracted to the bridal car. This is no ordinary bridal car. It’s a Volkswagen Beetle, or the Volkswagen Bug. It’s very unusual to see this car used a bridal car, but when you get closer, there’s so much love and care of the car that it’s just amazing to look at. It’s no ordinary bug, but it’s well maintained and added with components that make new cars look uninteresting.

It has adjustable wheel hydraulics, top of the line sound system and modified dashboard. It was designed so that it won’t stand out in a normal crowd, but when you look closer, it just screams “I’m better than the normal car”. The stereo is placed in the glove compartment, the amplifier is placed in front of the car compartment hidden in an unassuming luggage bag. The speakers are hidden in another luggage at the back, which is tucked behind the rear seat.

From the outside, the only sign that this car is modified, is the mags on the wheels, which looks good by itself already. And when you see the engine, wow, it is clean and it looks outstanding. It doesn’t just look clean, it looks like it’s better than it’s original setup. My uncle used to have a Beetle, I know that it doesn’t look this way. So the components are changed and replaced with more efficient and space saving parts.

This is one amazing car modification. In general, I’m not a fan of the Volkswagen Beetle, but the love and care for this one stands out that it’s one of my favorite modified cars out there.

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