Portait using the Bridge vs a DSLR (with 50mm 1.7 Prime)

A friend of mine wanted to see the difference between using a bridge camera and a DSLR since in terms of body shape, they look very identical. But obviously, camera output is like night and day. The DSLR provides more focus to the subject because of the bokeh effect, this is because the sensor it uses is bigger than the one used by the bridge camera. Bokeh is the blurring of everything out of focus. The bridge can focus easily, but because of the small sensor, the camera doesn’t give that bokeh effect, or it has difficulty making it on normal shots. Also, the bridge gives a slightly muddy image when it tries to sharpen the image. Making a bokeh shot on macro photography is easy enough, since even phone cameras can do almost the same amount.

He was surprised that even though both the bridge camera and the DSLR looks the same, the image output is drastically different.

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