The Skyline on top of SM BF

There was a moment that I saw that it was clear. I had the opportunity to get some shots while on the parking lot of SM BF. I had to take the shot since I find it rare to be this high in Paranaque City. It was a bit rainy, but not cloudy enough. I couldn’t setup the camera to be in a safer place, since it was not waterproof, nor is it weatherproof. I used the Fujifilm to be able to get a wider angle and to get a Panoramic shot.

I used Lightroom to get more detail out of the images. Originally, it was hard to see any detail from the clouds, but I was able to get some through software. Although editing JPEG files is not the best, (the HS25EXR can only do JPEG) I still think that it’s a challenge to use it, but it makes you a better photographer because of it. It makes me want to get the shots right instead of thinking that I can edit it later on.


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