Sub-Zero Cosplay and Background editing

My friend just got his SubZero costume, based on a game called Mortal Kombat. I wanted to take pictures of him wearing it. This is my first cosplay photo shoot and background editing. We originally planned to actually do the shots on location, but unfortunately, it was raining. We can’t get the costume wet as much as possible. So we didn’t have a choice but to do the photo shoot indoor inside his home.

I originally wanted to use the Pentax K100D Super for the shoot, but since we moved indoors, and the house was not really fit to use the 50mm prime lens for whole body shots, we decided to use the Nikon D5100 instead. Since it was using a kit lens, it was not helpful in dimly lit areas. I had to set the camera to long exposures, which was difficult for the model. It caused some blurred effect which was unintentional. I set up the the camera to iso800, while the exposure was set mostly at 1/2 to 1/10 of a second. Aperture was set the lowest possible, I think it’s 3.8 or higher, depending on what the camera can allow me.

Editing took a while, almost all day for only 4 pictures. It’s my first try, so, I think it’s not so bad. I can only improve the more I practice. A lot of the elements are borrowed from lots of sources from the internet, like the smoke effects. I used 5 elements or less on each one. Multiple layers to get the proper color and masking. Backgrounds were based on Mortal Kombat, blurred to make it blend with the image.

I’m not selling this, nor am I paid to get the shots done. This is mostly practice, and I hope you guys like it.

This last shot was done with the Pentax K100D, I took it from the same location I shot all the other pictures earlier… but look how close the shot is. It did a lot better in terms of the lighting condition, but we just didn’t have the space to use it. I would have preferred using this camera at that time, but I’m happy that the Nikon D5100 with it’s kit lens was up to the task.

Model: Martin Belizario Jimenez
Sub-Zero Suit: Kino Kaoru
Sub-Zero Mask: Kamen Rider Custom Mask
Master Sword: Hello Knightmare by Louie

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