Nintendo Gameboy Pocket

This is my third console in the Game Console series. This is my Nintendo Gameboy Pocket which I bought at around 1996 if I remember correctly. It was the same time I bought Chrono Trigger for the SNES. It was my first portable game system, considering the first generation of the Gameboy was released in 1989, it shows that I took my time before actually getting one.  This is basically a smaller version of the original Gameboy. It uses less power and smaller batteries and it plays 10 hours before running out of batteries. This particular unit though is not working anymore. The LCD looks burned and cracked.

I only owned a couple of games for this, unfortunately I can’t find them anymore. I had Pokemon Blue and Ninja Gaiden. I enjoyed it for a while, but it shows that I was not much of a portable gamer at the time, since I didn’t own any games after that and I barely brought it anywhere. I wish I could still find the cartridges, but unfortunately, I can’t at this time. Maybe it will show up someday. I know it’s just here at home.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Gameboy Pocket

    • Yeah, the transparent ones looked cool too. I didn’t get to see the transparent models until later. I might have gotten the same model myself if I had the chance. But the yellow one does look classy at this point in time.

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