Sega Saturn (Japanese Edition)

This is Sega Saturn, this was a gift from a friend of mine. Although originally, I had the black US version, which somehow got lost in time, just like my Nintendo Family Computer. I even still have a copy of Nights Into Dreams which came with the 3D controller, it was the only way to play Nights with. I still also have Panzer Dragoon Saga which is considered as one of the rarest games in production since it was the last game produced by Sega for the Saturn. The original code was lost and so a port of the game could not be made.

This white Sega Saturn is modified, it can run US and Japanese games by using a switch found at the left side of the body.

The unit is still working fine, although I could not get the controllers to work properly, but the game console itself can read the disks properly.


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