Gundam AGE-1 Normal Mega-Size

For the last day that I borrowed the Nikon D5100, I took shots of Proud 2 Be Geek’s Gundam AGE-1 Normal Mega-Size which he posted he got for himself for his recent birthday. The model is 1:48 scale which makes it the largest scale model series for Gundam plastic models. He tells me that this is unfinished since there is no detailing yet, so far only the head has some details put in.

The price is not extremely expensive though, it’s priced lower than the Perfect Grade series (1:60 scale) since articulation and parts are lesser. The parts themselves are actually more similar to the High Grade series (1:144 or 1:100 scale). This particular model though, the parts and articulation is not much of a factor, but the size is amazing to look at, especially when compared to the more common High Grade kits. This particular model is the only one in the series to have an LED light inside. Looks pretty cool when it’s has enough power. When I took these shots, the battery was almost empty.

Shots taken using indoor light, no flash, taken at night. Long exposures from 5 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the aperture setting used. I stayed using iso100 to keep the details high with low grain. Only using the kit lens provided with the camera.

Thanks to Proud 2 Be Geek for giving me an opportunity to get these shots and lending me the Nikon D5100.  Looking forward to get more pictures of the model once it’s finished.


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