At Night

Experimenting with long exposure using the Nikon D5100. I had a short period of time to experiment at the time, and it was the only night that it was not rainy. What I really like about the Nikon is the BULB setting, which can take long exposures as long as you can hold on to the shutter release button (longer than 30 seconds). But I wasn’t able to get a proper shot using that feature since I didn’t have a remote. All the shots I took using that feature was blurry since I was holding it manually. So I experimented with night shots using the timer instead. It was very difficult to focus on anything since it was pretty dark, even when I used the LCD as a viewfinder, it was a difficult shot to take since I was practically shooting blindly. With all the shots I took, I’m happy that I was able to get a clear shot out of many that I took that night, although most of them didn’t turn out too well, but I was happy to be able to experiment with the Nikon D5100.


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