Destiny Gundam (Real Grade)

I had the opportunity to visit a friend of mine recently. He’s into Gunpla, and I’ve wanted to take some pictures of his collection for so long. So, far, I’ve only had time to take pictures of his latest model called Destiny Gundam Z.A.F.T. Mobile Suit ZGMF-X42S, which is still unfinished based on what he told me. He’s still working on improving it’s decals. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my own mini studio with me, so I had to make due with what was there. My friend posed the model himself and I took pictures of him while he worked on it. The way it looks currently is mighty impressive. I can’t wait to see the finished version of it.

I used both my Fujifilm HS25EXR and the Pentax K100D Super with this. The HS25EXR is used for the wide angle shots and close ups, since it can also do good bokeh with macro shots. The Pentax is used for some more full body shots while it still produces nice bokeh,

I was quite impressed with the model itself. It’s fully poseable, it’s not as big as I expected it at first, but the detail is amazing. There were a few issues that I found with the model though, it has a hard time keeping it’s pose for a long time. I think the fully poseable feature makes the body a bit weaker than I thought. Another thing, if you put all it’s accessories, which also looks amazing, tends to be back heavy. Suddenly, you don’t have that much range of poses you can do with it because of the weight is has. Nonetheless, the model looks amazing. Considering this is still unfinished (my friend said), it’s still looks impressive.

I hope you like the pictures. More of his models coming soon.

You can check out my friend’s website which is Proud 2 Be Geek and he is the owner of Powerplay Videogame Wear.

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