A View from the Valley


Living in the city gives me a very rare opportunity to see nature like this, especially since I don’t really travel much. I don’t even remember going to the beach for like 4 or 5 years now. So, I treasure these moment when I see things like this. It’s rare to be placed within a valley, in between 2 large mountains with such beauty. Looking at any direction within the valley, it’s just mountains everywhere. The only issue in the location is that the sunset and sunrise is not visible, since it’s blocked by the mountains. The only way to view the sunrise and sunset is to trek to the mountain top, unfortunately we just didn’t have the time to do that when we did this trip.

I love the fact that the place is very cold and at times it has a very nice breeze. It’s like having air conditioning all day and fresh clean air to breath in. It’s so much different where I live since it’s usually very hot in the summer and we even have to turn on 2 fans just to get things to cool down a bit.

I had some mixed feelings about what camera I’m using. I was only bringing my Pentax K100D Super at this time, but watching the view, so much to see, I really wanted a wide angle lens. But at the same time, if I used the Fujifilm HS25EXR, I wouldn’t have gotten the colors and the detail as much.

I used the 35mm to 70mm most of the time, using the highest aperture setting to get more detail as possible.

002 003 004

In the morning when we reached Bangkong Kahoy Valley, the sky was filled with clouds. It was gloomy, I had to post process a lot of the images because it barely produced vibrant colors. It shows on some of the images below that the colors are a little grayish, but at the same time I loved the effect on some of my images. It absolutely feels that were so up high, it completes the feeling that we are in the mountains.

005 006 010 011 012 013 017 018 019  022 024 025 027 029 030001


You can check out the website for Bangkong Kahoy Valley here.

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