Walking Around Bangkong Kahoy Valley


This is mostly a random set of images which I had a hard time categorizing, but I had to put it up first since I just want to focus on the ones that meant more to me later on. Anyway, even though this is random set, it still gives an idea where we are and how it feels overall. I hope you guys like it.

004 005 008


This shot reminds me of the book and movie “Jurrasic Park”.


Before we left, I found this lollipop just placed there on a tree trunk. I found it interesting and funny. I wish trees do grow candies.


This is supposed to be a bridge going to a mountain trail, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to go there. Also, the bridge is not safe without a harness. They say it’s a paradise for photographers going through the trail. I wish we had the time to get to the waterfalls… maybe next time.


There is literally a “bangkong kahoy” there. “Wooden Bench”


This is where they grow mushrooms. Yes, you can buy them there if you want to.


This is the general idea of where we are located. In a valley inbetween Mt Banahaw and Mt San Cristobal. This is also their logo. The phone number and website should visible on this image.

You can visit their official site here.


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