The Morning Trip


I was able to finish the selection of images from Bangkong Kahoy Valley which I’ll be showing in the following days. Since there are a lot, I’ll be showing them in batches instead of posting them all together in one go. I won’t be posting them based on time, because there are a lot of similarities on what I take on different times of the day. I’ll be presenting them in groups of similarity.

I wanted to bring both the Fujifilm HS25EXR and the Pentax K100D Super, but I decided to bring only the K100D instead since I needed to learn how to use one camera and I didn’t want to bring too many things on a trip, especially that we didn’t bring our own car. I heard this from listening to “Tips from the Top Floor” that you have to learn to bring one camera. Bringing 2 cameras would have been great because the HS25EXR has the best zoom (720mm) and the best wide angle (24mm) lens. But the K100D has the best sensor, giving it a lot more detail and more bokeh. I was limited to the 50mm 1.7 prime lens and a 35mm to 70mm zoom lens. It was a hard decision to make since both cameras has their advantages. At the end, I decided to bring the K100D since it was the best camera for me to get used to, and it was a good decision to make because I was able to make the Star Gazing images which I posted earlier which was impossible to do on the HS25EXR.

This is the first batch which is the trip on the way there. This was the only stop we had since we left from Dasmarinas, Cavite. We stopped over to eat some “Goto”… without the tripe or even rice for some reason. Just a few minutes after the image above, the sun was already up and lighting our road.


We were able to make this trip because we were part of the Captain’s Sweet Galley of Treats team, which was invited to go to the Banahaw Tugutugan concert located in Bangkong Kahoy Valley. The place itself is located inbetween Mount Banahaw and Mount San Cristobal in Dolores, Quezon.

002 003 004

More pictures coming soon.

Bonus image below:



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