The Valley


Here is another preview, since I’m still filtering 500 images out of the original 700 plus I took at Bangkong Kahoy Valley. I possibly processed almost 100 images already if I remember correctly. This is one of the pictures I took on our last day. The day was clear and bright, and most of the images I was able to take had very little clouds, so this one image with some clouds at the background is a little unusual for the batch. I like how this image turned out because of the person sitting, it made it feel that the place looks amazingly big, which it actually is. I know I could have made it look larger or grander if I had a lens lower than a 35mm, but I have to learn to use what I have and make the best out of it. Settings are f6.7, 35mm, 1/180 sec, iso200. I also played around with HDR to get more detail out of it. What fascinates me with HDR is that it pushes out more detail and gives a unusual effect, which works with some images, but you can’t use it all the time since it only works on certain styles of photography.


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