This is the same building as the previous image, main difference is that I’m using a Pentax this time around, had to recompose the shot since I didn’t have a wide angle lens for the camera. I used the 50mm prime lens instead. Settings are iso200, f1.7, 1/750 sec. Seems like I focused on the reflections instead of the building itself. I still have difficulty focusing correctly, there is very little margin of error and I don’t see that on the LCD screen. This is why I think I need that Eye-Fi SD card. I’m thinking of getting one so I can immediately view the image on a mobile tablet. I can make better decisions if I will have to retake the shot or not. Right now, as long as it’s good on the LCD screen, I move on to the next, not realizing that the image is slightly out of focus. Note that I do take several shots of one thing, refocusing, readjusting, over expose, under expose and all. But it is a learning experience. What seems to be a clear shot on my LCD, can be really blurry when it actually takes a shot. So I keep adjusting until I get it right.


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