The Moon, March 10, 2014

001 002

The night was a bit clear and I had time. So I took the opportunity to take another shot of the moon after a long time. Actually, the last proper shot I did was a full moon, but I was a bit disappointed with the shot because I couldn’t get much detail out of it. The HS25 only takes JPEG images so I can’t get much light information. I think if I was using a HS30, the result might have been different since that model can take RAW files which is the only main feature of the HS30 that the HS25 doesn’t have. I did some post processing to get as much detail as I can on the image. I also added the first moon shot that I did on the HS25 side by side for comparison. The main settings of the new image is F5.6, iso100, 126mm, 1/50s.


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