Sunset at the Highway

001 002

While I was driving along the C5 extension highway, my wife and I noticed that the sun is about to set. We decided that we had to take the opportunity for me to take the picture since C5 extension is not a busy highway. I was able to stop over and take pictures for a few minutes. Also, this was the best time to use the Tokina lens. I’m so happy with how the first shot turned out. I got the sun rays properly and got the detail on the clouds. When I got to the second location which was more clear, the sun is blocked by a large cloud, and based on how it looked and how the cloud was moving, I don’t think I’ll see the sun anytime soon. And I didn’t want my wife to wait too long. Anyway, I am very happy how this turned out. I did experiment on HDR, but I still need to do some more. I need to get the hang of it.


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