Pentax ME Super


This is the Pentax ME Super. This is the first camera that my college friends and I bought. It didn’t last too long because the shutter got stuck while we were using it. I don’t remember if we got some decent shots with it, it was already old when we got second hand. But it was already old, so sometime after it got stuck, we bought the Zenit 12XP. I took this picture before I bought the Pentax K100D Super, and the Ricoh Rikenon Lens M 50mm f/1.7 is still attached to it.

002 003 004 005 006

And after all these years, I thought this camera would be just a relic to me, now it helped me get my shots better by providing me the lens I wanted to get to get better at photography. I didn’t expect the lens to fit on the Pentax K100D Super.


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