Sony Playstation 4 Launch in Glorietta


The Playstation 4 is here, well this is good practice on taking pictures of an event. I do realize that I shouldn’t rely too much on the automatic setting, but I thought that this might be a good comparison since the event will still last another day. So I have tomorrow to practice again, but I plan to use the same Fujifilm HS25EXR, but I plan to only use manual all throughout the remaining day. I did take a few shots using manual, but since I had a friend with me, I didn’t want him to wait too long for me to take pictures.


This is the one of the few shots that I used manual mode, and I like it a lot compared to the automatic mode I’ve been using earlier.


A few remaining PS4s are for sale…


The PS4, priced at PhP24,999 for the basic package.


5 minute demo for anyone to play


This head mount display, which is actually cool when I try playing Killzone is actually priced at PhP49,999. Display only. It doesn’t include a PS4 or a controller, or even a game.


Another view of the head mount display.


The event from another angle.


2 players


The PS Vita, priced at PhP11,999. Note, I got this image while I was on the second floor. Refer to the first image, I was THAT high. This is actually a close up shot (zoomed the lens to the max) of the lower right corner of the that image.


Blue Dualshock 4, priced at PhP3,399.


Another view of the blue Dualshock 4.


A red Dualshock 4.


PS VIta TV, priced at PhP8,599.

What I learned about the shoot? I love the HS25EXR zoom. It still amazes me. Earlier at the event, it was only the press who were allowed to go in the event area. So I can’t get in. The best way I can get pictures was on the second floor (one floor higher than the event area). Shooting manually while using the zoom is out of the question, since I don’t have a tripod the shots will just be blurry. So I had to use the pro-low light mode while holding the camera steady. I was able to get shots almost at close up, considering I was one floor higher. The quality of the images are not clear, but it did get the job right.

But regardless, I still have to get used to manual. Obviously when I took shots manually, the images were sharper and had better colors while the Low Light mode seems washed out. I did get the shots, but I know it could be improved. 

Since I’m here at the event, are you wondering if I plan to get a PS4 myself? Nah, not anytime soon anyway. I’m currently too busy with work and cakes, and I still have a backlog of games to finish on the PS3, PC and the iPad.


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