In the office


I was able to detach the filter covering the Ricoh Rikenon Lens M 50mm f/1.7, which was making my images look distorted. You can see the samples on the previous post that I had some difficulty making the images clean and clear. Now my latest test is a vast improvement, making focusing a lot easier and making images clearer than before. Although I have to admit that I feel pampered with the Fujifilm HS25EXR‘s articulated LCD screen as a viewfinder since I can take pictures of almost impossible shots.


Using manual focus is a challenge. It’s not easy to get a right focus, even though the Pentax K100-D has a focus indicator, it’s not really that reliable. Having an automatic focus does make things easier, but that’s not the case with the lens I have. But it is so much satisfying to get an image focused correctly.


Last image is more of a test, because the office was getting a little dark and the office light is not that bright either. I know that the this particular lens is good for taking pictures in dark places. Settings are ISO400, f1.7, 1/20 of a second. In other words, this is a very successful shot and it doesn’t look too dark either. I know if I used my Fujifilm HS25EXR in “manual”, it would have had a hard time making the image clear.

I just noticed that the EXIF data doesn’t record the aperture setting, possibly because I’m using a manual “vintage” lens. Not the electronic ones like they have today.


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