These shots were taken using burst mode. I read somewhere that it’s the best way to get picture so you won’t miss a moment. I learned pretty quick that the HS25EXR has a difficult time catching up, it slows down drastically after taking some shots. I relied a lot on EXR mode and Sports mode, experimenting one and the other, to see what setting is best on this situation. I really enjoyed the quality of the pictures here, it really got a lot of them in action, a actually kept a lot of the pictures, but these 3 stood out for me because it was the reason I started taking pictures of swimming in the first place.

Settings for the image above is ISO1000, f5, 1/1300 exposure time. As you notice that the image grain is showing up because of the high ISO, but the water captured in mid motion is amazing at this shot. The water looks so clear that it looks like ice.



Settings for the image above is ISO100, f5, 1/500 exposure time. I like that this shot is purely in action, it’s not crisp and clear, but it does show that he is moving on water.

Another thing I noticed with burst mode is that I had to set the camera to “auto-focus continuous” mode. Also, even if you set it on EXR or Sports mode, the settings (ISO, exousure) it started with won’t change while doing it’s burst shots. So after some few shots, depending on the lighting, it can get darker or brighter which can ruin some of your shots.

I actually took 1700 (estimated) pictures throughout the day. I was surprised how much space on my SD memory card was used up because I was enjoying using burst mode all day. It’s the first time I took up 9 gigabytes.



Settings for the image above is ISO100, f5, 1/350 exposure time. This last picture, I really like this because of the detail the HS25EXR produced. I wouldn’t have even thought that I used a bridge camera on taking the image. I suppose the daylight really helped since the camera was able to focus really quickly. The zoom lens would have have had a hard time focusing if it was a little darker. Because of the zoom, the images felt like I was actually swimming too when I was a a few feet away from them.

Because of this, I think I’ll be using the burst mode more often on events if the lighting conditions are right.

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