Pizza Hut


While me and my wife were out looking for some equipment for baking, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Rather than relying on the ProLow Light mode of the HS25EXR, I decided to practice a bit on manual settings. With some practice, I did get better shots, but lighting conditions must be right. I was able to get these shots at ISO400 at the widest aperture setting that I can get it to work at f3.6. I also tried ISO800 but it was a bit too grainy than I wanted it to be. I also tried ISO200 but it was already blurry because I couldn’t hold my hand steady long enough.



I’m pretty happy with the shots since I used manual setting this time around than going for an automatic mode. Detail was a lot better and the grain was more acceptable than ProLow Light Mode. This shows that it’s always better to use manual if you can.


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